Welcome to the Alif Arabic Institute,
your gateway to mastering the Arabic language

Whether you are an absolute beginner, have studied Arabic previously or are a near-fluent speaker wanting to improve your proficiency, our affordable classes held in central London and taught by our experienced teachers will ensure that you reach your goal of mastering the Arabic language.


Why choose Alif?

  • Highest Quality of Teaching and immersion based method
  • Obtain the best grades in nationally recognised qualifications: GCSE and A’Level Arabic
  • Unlock the language of the Quran and Hadith and the Arabic Speaking World
  • Affordable Prices and Flexible Evening/Weekend Classes in the heart of central London

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Meet our Teachers

The Alif Arabic language institute is the culmination of many years of teaching Arabic to English speakers by some of the most competent Arabists and Arabic Teachers in the UK.

Meet them here and see why!